Welcome to bio! As you’ll soon know, biology will be one of the most information-heavy classes this year. Often times you’ll find the lecture may not be adequate, so you will have to study on your own time from the textbook. But fear not! The Biology TAS Committee is here to help you. We provide many resources, ranging from tutors to our online resources (diagrams, practice questions, concise reviews, videos, memorization tools, and more, all of which can be found conveniently in the TAS Biology Google Drive Folder). However, do note that the best way to study for a majority of the Biology exams is to go through the lecture notes and textbook and, occasionally, by using the in-class powerpoint. These materials are meant to be a supplement or reinforcement of concepts but not your main study tool for the exams.

Our Biology Resources 

Biology Lecture

Access notes, outlines, and practice tests to help you prepare for Biology

Biology Lab

Quizlets and Practical Reviews for Biology Lab


Also known as Biology Olympiad. Practice Tests and Resources for USABO.

Meet Your Committee Heads!

Hi everyone! I’m Jahnavi and I’m so thrilled to be one of your Biology Committee Heads this year! I am also the Editor-in-Chief for Replay! Most of the time, I’m probably “grinding” somewhere or at Starbucks trying to get myself through the day with coffee. Feel free to reach out to me about literally anything, especially any questions about biology because I want all of you guys to succeed :)


My Social Media:

Email: jahnavij13@gmail.com 

Facebook: Jahnavi Janjirala (https://www.facebook.com/jahnavi.janjirala)

Instagram: @jahnavi.janji


Biology Committee Head

Hey guys, I’m Maximus. I’m excited to be one of your 2020-2021 Biology Committee Heads! I can generally be found in my room working on something, but you can always pop by to ask me about anything (especially any biology questions). I also work in an organic chemistry lab, something I’m very passionate about.  See you around biology lovers and stay sharp!


My Social Media:

Email: maximus.jc2012@gmail.com

Facebook: Maximus Chen (https://www.facebook.com/maximus.chen.566)


Biology Committee Head


TAS Biology Consultant


TAS Biology Consultant

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