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Welcome to the TAS Biology Committee! Biology can oftentimes become difficult and especially around exam time, it can be overwhelming with the amount of information that has to be studied. But, don’t worry because we are here to help in any way! We will offer a variety of resources throughout the year to help you understand the material being taught in class and review the key concepts needed for the exam. We will offer one-on-one or group tutoring, our own notes, review presentations and recordings, videos, diagrams, and practice test questions from previous tests. We hope that our resources will make the material a little more comprehensible and help you succeed on the biology tests and quizzes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to either of your biology committee heads if you need any help!

Our Biology Resources 

Biology Lecture

Access notes, outlines, and practice tests to help you prepare for Biology

Biology Lab

Quizlets and Practical Reviews for Biology Lab


Also known as Biology Olympiad. Practice Tests and Resources for USABO.

Meet Your Committee Heads!



Biology Committee Head

Hey! My name is Neha Singaravelan and I will be one of your biology committee heads. In my free time I love watching tv shows (Grey’s Anatomy), playing the piano, spending time with my friends and family, and crying about math. This year I will also be your Cure International Head of Finance and Fold for HOPE committee head. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! 

My Social Media:

Instagram: @nsnus18



Biology Committee Head

Hey! I’m Lavanya and I am one of your biology committee heads! I am also your BPA and Mock Trial committee head and F1RE exec for this year! I am so excited to be your committee head this year and will try my hardest so y’all get an A in biology this year! I love boba (specifically taro milk tea with mini pearls) and am a huge F1 fan (let me know if you follow F1 too), and soccer. Feel free to message me on messenger any time about literally anything!

My social media: 

Instagram: @lavanya.katta

Facebook: Lavanya Katta



TAS Biology Advisor
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