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The Math Committee is devoted to giving TAMS students an edge in their rigorous college mathematics courses through a series of practical math resources. A handpicked selection of tutors who have taken the course provide consistent help through one-on-one sessions, allowing for deeper understanding of the material; additionally, past tests and textbook problems ease the transition into college-level testing, which can be very different from regular high school. Our head tutors are dedicated to answering any math questions students may have through test review sessions and giving them full preparation for challenging exams. We aim to establish a collaborative environment for mathematics, so please do reach out to any one of us for help if needed!

Our Math Resources 

Pre-Cal/Cal 1


Access reviews, previous tests, and practice tests for

Pre-Cal/Cal 1.

Cal 1/Cal 2


Access reviews, previous tests, and practice tests for

Cal 1/Cal 2.

Cal 2/Statistics


 Access reviews, previous tests, and practice tests for

Cal 2/Statistics.

Cal 3/

Higher Math


Access reviews, previous tests, and practice tests for

Cal 3/Higher Math

Meet Your Committee Heads!


Pre-Calculus/Calculus 1 Head Tutor

Hey guys! My name is Shriya and I’ll be your head tutor this year for Precalculus and Calculus 1. I’m also the Head of Finances for Integrated Volunteering, a committee under TMS. Aside from this, I’m a Grey’s Anatomy binge-watcher and boba connoisseur! I’m here to answer all your math questions or just to talk about anything. I’m so excited to meet y’all this year and to get to know guys, so feel free to message me or just say hi!!

My Social Media:

Email: sveluri@gmail.com


Calculus 1/Calculus 2 Head Tutor

Hello friends! My name is Kelly, and I'll be your head math tutor for Cal 1/Cal 2 this year! I'll mainly be organizing review sessions before all of your calc tests, but definitely feel free to just send me problems to work or ask questions throughout the year! Other than being a head tutor for TAS, I am also the president of pROfiLE, the visual arts and theatre organization. I love anime, Starbucks, and instant ramen- the perfect college weeb (uwu). Hit me up if you need any epsilon-delta help; you can usually find me in Mac or the computer lab!

My Social Media:

Facebook: Kelly Liu

Insta: kelee_l

Email: kliusong@gmail.com


Calculus 2/Statistics Head Tutor

Hey! I'm Jessica Wu and I'll be the Calculus 2/ Applied Statistics head tutor for the 2019-2020 school year! I'm super excited to work with my fellow committee heads to provide reviews and answer all your questions! Aside from TAS, I'm also involved with pROfiLE as the competitions director and HOPE as a committee head for Habitat for Humanity. You can usually find me at Maple, in the basement of Willis, or at the rec I'm always down to chat, even if it's not about math, so feel free to reach out!

My Social Media:

Email: jessiew123456@yahoo.com
Instagram: jessicahwu


Calculus 3/Higher Math Head Tutor

Hi! My name is Simon Xiang, and I'll be leading the TAS Calculus III\Linear Algebra committee this year. About me: I took Calculus II upon entering TAMS, and am an exec of the Ignite and Quiz Bowl clubs. As a head tutor, I'll be coordinating with the tutors about tests dates and important concepts and such, and will be holding reviews before tests and posting resources online. I'm looking forward to a great year!

My Social Media:

Facebook: Simon Xiang

Email: simonz.xiang@gmail.com