The TAMS Chemistry Committee is a committee under TAS (TAMS Academic Society) that is dedicated to helping all juniors succeed in chemistry at TAMS. Through our group tutoring and comprehensive review sessions, we provide students with the tools they need to thrive in their chemistry classes. We hope you’ll join us and good luck in all your chemistry endeavors!

Our Chemistry Resources 

Honors Chemistry

Access reviews, previous tests, and practice tests for Honors Chemistry

General Chemistry

Access reviews, previous tests and practice tests for General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Access reviews, previous tests and practice tests for Organic Chemistry.

Meet Your Committee Heads!


Honors Chemistry Committee Head

Hey friends! I’m Shrika and I’ll be your Honors Chem committee head this year! I’ll be organizing larger review sessions for each test but feel free to dm me if you ever have any questions! I competed in USNCO last year, so hmu if you have any ChemOly questions as well! Aside from TAS, I’m also president of Research Organization and conduct analytical chem research. I’m always down to chat even if it’s not about chem, so feel free to reach out!


My Social Media:


Facebook: Shrika Eddula (

Instagram: @shrika_ed


General Chemistry Committee Head

Wassup everybody! My name is Sage, and I’m excited to be one of your TAS General Chemistry Committee Heads this year! I usually hold tutoring sessions, so if you need any help feel free to reach out. Chemistry can be a difficult subject, but as Dumbledore says, “help will always be given at TAMS to those who ask for it”! I never took Chemistry before TAMS, so I understand how it feels to be learning with professors instead of the more personal way that high school chem is taught. I am from Southlake, Texas and I used to play left-back for the high school soccer team. You can usually catch me in Mac Café chilling with my friends or eating popcorn at Union. I’m excited to meet everyone.


My Social Media:


Facebook: Sage Copling (


General Chemistry Committee Head

Hi! My name is Aarti and I’m one of your General Chemistry committee heads for this year! I also hold tutoring sessions as well, so if you're struggling or need some extra help don’t be afraid to reach out. I do a lot of painting and writing but my all-time favorite hobby is being overly aggressive in TikTok comment sections. If you don’t like chemistry, don’t sweat, half the time I don't either. 


My Social Media:

Facebook: Aarti Kotha (


Organic Chemistry Committee Head

Hey guys! I’m Harish, and I’ll be your Organic Chemistry committee head for this year. If you want to find me, I’ll probably be playing Smash in Smitty. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. 


My Social Media:

Facebook: Harish Suryadevara (

Instagram: @asap_curry


TAS Honors Chemistry Consultant


TAS General Chemistry Consultant

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