The TAMS Chemistry Committee is a committee under TAS (TAMS Academic Society) that is dedicated to helping all juniors succeed in chemistry at TAMS. Through our group tutoring and comprehensive review sessions, we provide students with the tools they need to thrive in their chemistry classes. We hope you’ll join us and good luck in all your chemistry endeavors!

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Meet Your Committee Heads!

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Honors Chemistry Committee Head

Hi everyone! My name is Claire Zeng and I'll be your Honors Chemistry committee head for 2021-2022. I'll also be the events coordinator for TCS (TAMS Culinary Society). Before every exam, I'll hold a review session and hold office hours for any questions, but feel free to message me through messenger or email anytime you have questions about anything!


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Facebook: Claire Zeng (


General Chemistry Committee Head

Heyy!! I'll be your General Chemistry Committee Head this year! I'm also the FACES President, Speech and Debate Captain, and am conducting nanoparticulate chemistry research. I love to write, volunteer, and am super involved in politics. I can't wait to work with y'all this year! Feel free to reach out for anything, even if it's not chemistry related (I love meeting new people!). 


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Facebook: Anvitha Reddy (

Instagram: @anvitharreddy

Twitter: @AnvithaReddyy 

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Organic Chemistry Committee Co-Head

My name is Jay and I'm going to be your OChem co-head and one of your TAS 2021-2022 Competitions Director. Most of the time you can see me looking at pusheen gifs, listening to Shostakovitch or sleeping. Reach out to me if you wanna talk or if you have any competitions you want to compete in or any questions about USABO.

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