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The Computer Science Committee is dedicated to helping students in Computer Science at TAMS succeed academically by ensuring that students fully understand the content and providing supplementary materials such as notes, reviews, and presentations. We will facilitate tutoring with one-on-one Computer Science tutors that can help with any questions/problems you might have. We will also be hosting a review session before each test and will be holding office hours each week for anyone to come ask questions about class or topics. Finally, we'll be providing detailed presentations/notes for a variety of difficult concepts to ensure you fully understand the content from class. Feel free to reach out to either of us or attend our office hours if you ever have any questions!

Our Computer Science Resources 

CS 1030

Access resources for Computer Science 1030.

CS 1040

Access resources for Computer Science 1040.

CS 2100

Access resources for Computer Science 2100.

Meet Your Committee Heads!


Olivia Wang

Computer Science 1030 Committee Head

Hey guys! I'm Olivia Wang, and I'm going to be your CSCE 1030 tutor this year! I'm also going to be your HOPE Social Coordinator, Driving Tomorrow Director of Business, and SAGA Events Coordinator. Outside of school, I love reading manga, eating hotpot, and hanging out with friends! Feel free to reach out for any CS help (don't be afraid to ask anything! i remember last year i was confused by the types of variables) or to literally talk about anything! I'm so excited to meet you guys!


My Social Media:

Instagram: @oliviawaang

Facebook: Olivia Wang

Discord: olive#8614

Sampadaa Prakash

Computer Science 1040 Committee Head

Hi, I’m Sampadaa Prakash, and I’ll be your TAS Computer Science (1040) Committee Head this school year! I will also be your CSO Hackathon Director, Eureka! Volunteer Director, and a Game Development Committee Head. I am from Katy (in Houston) and used to go to Seven Lakes High School. I love space, working out, singing, and listening to music (currently obsessed with Drake, The Weeknd, Tyler, Frank Ocean, Don Toliver). I also am a big foodie and movie buff. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding computer science, or simply want to talk! 


My Social Media:

Facebook: Sampadaa Prakash

Instagram: sampadaap


Alisha Madhuvarshi

Computer Science 2100 Committee Head

Hi, my name is Alisha Madhuvarshi, and I will be the CSCE 2100 committee head for this year! I will also be your INVULC President, Toolbox President, and tennis captain! I'm originally from Houston, where I went to Seven Lakes High School, and in my free time, I love playing tennis, reading new books, and trying out new food/coffee places! Please feel free to reach out to talk about CS or anything else, and I can't wait to meet you all!


My Social Media: 

Instagram: @alisha.mad_

Facebook: Alisha Madhuvarshi

Ashley Zhao

TAS Computer Science Advisor
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