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The Computer Science Committee is dedicated to helping students in Computer Science at TAMS succeed academically by ensuring that students fully understand the content and providing supplementary materials such as notes, reviews, and presentations. We will facilitate tutoring with one-on-one Computer Science tutors that can help with any questions/problems you might have. We will also be hosting a review session before each test and will be holding office hours each week for anyone to come ask questions about class or topics. Finally, we'll be providing detailed presentations/notes for a variety of difficult concepts to ensure you fully understand the content from class. Feel free to reach out to either of us or attend our office hours if you ever have any questions!


Computer science is the second track that TAMS offers for their incoming juniors to choose from, and consists of two semesters of CS related courses plus lab. Unlike Biology, the class is taken with UNT students, and can sometimes have up to 200 people in the lecture hall at once.

In addition to the lecture, the CS track also requires a 3 hour weekly Lab section which will often serve to reinforce the class material of that week. The lab sections are relatively small, with only around 20 people, and held off campus at Discovery Park. All labs, exams, and homework is expected to be done on the linux servers provided by the University, and thus exams will also take place during the lab section instead of lecture.

Computer science may seem intimidating especially to new coders, but if you pay attention during lecture, go over the powerpoints, and understand the material in the lab, then you’ll be able to breeze through the course. If you have any questions or want supplemental information, we highly recommend you use the resources found on our website for extra practice and review.

Our Computer Science Resources 

CS Powerpoints

Access previous powerpoints for Computer Science.

CS Notes

Access reviews and notes for Computer Science.

CS Practice

Previous Assignments and Homeworks.

Meet Your Committee Heads!



Computer Science Committee Head

Hey there! I’m Stephanie and I’m one of your computer science committee heads this year! I’m also president of inclu.d.e. (one of the best and newest clubs at TAMS ;) you should def join) and I love watching anime and kdramas (about to finish Ranking of Kings and going to start Sound of Magic as soon as finals are over). Feel free to reach out to talk about CS or literally anything. I’m always down to talk and hang out! 



Insta: @stephanieexia

Facebook: Stephanie Xia


Computer Science Committee Head

Hey! I’m Will Flinchbaugh and I’m the CSCE 1040/2100 CS committee head this year! Besides doing CS related stuff, I love playing the banjo, playing Valorant or Minecraft, and looking at cute animals (especially ducks, goats, and raccoons). If any of you have a question about CS or whatever, please message me on Messenger, Discord, or email. Looking forward to meeting you all and leading your CS success!


Social Media:


Facebook: William Flinchbaugh

Discord: BallpointPen#6113



TAS Computer Science Advisor
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