The Computer Science Committee is dedicated to helping students taking CS at TAMS succeed academically through ensuring comprehension of course information and provision of related supplementary materials. We facilitate one on one tutoring and assistance by pairing students up with our volunteer tutors who are all experienced in resolving any CS related issues. We will also host review sessions for every test and assignment where the committee heads (Aman Singh and Ben Sun) will be going over general topics and providing an overview of important concepts. Feel free to reach out to any one of us at any time for help!


Computer science is the second track that TAMS offers for their incoming juniors to choose from, and consists of two semesters of CS related courses plus lab. Unlike Biology, the class is taken with UNT students, and can sometimes have up to 200 people in the lecture hall at once.

In addition to the lecture, the CS track also requires a 3 hour weekly Lab section which will often serve to reinforce the class material of that week. The lab sections are relatively small, with only around 20 people, and held off campus at Discovery Park. All labs, exams, and homework is expected to be done on the linux servers provided by the University, and thus exams will also take place during the lab section instead of lecture.

Computer science may seem intimidating especially to new coders, but if you pay attention during lecture, go over the powerpoints, and understand the material in the lab, then you’ll be able to breeze through the course. If you have any questions or want supplemental information, we highly recommend you use the resources found on our website for extra practice and review.

Our Computer Science Resources 

CS Powerpoints

Access previous powerpoints for Computer Science.

CS Notes

Access reviews and notes for Computer Science.

CS Practice

Previous Assignments and Homeworks.

Meet Your Committee Heads!


Computer Science Committee Head

Hello there! I’m Ben Sun and I’ll be your Computer Science Committee head for this year! I’m from Liberty High school in Frisco Texas (S/O to all my fellow Redhawks). I’m also President of the TAMS Computer Science Organization (CSO) and the head of the Intellichoice and Browser Gaming committees under MAO and MOE (Easy to get those two confused sometimes). You can find me most of the time in the computer lab or Mac playing (the best browser game) or building/repairing/enjoying keyboards;  I’m rarely ever getting real work done though, so if you have any questions just ask and I’ll be happy to answer them. I’m always down to meet new people so don’t hesitate to say hello if you see me!


As a committee head, I’ll also oversee tutoring for Computer Science, where we’ll help you with all the homework and tests by holding general reviews/overviews and one-on-one sessions with students. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to me through any of my socials below!

My Social Media:


Insta/Snap/Reddit/Github/Devpost/Discord: PraeceptorXS [CSO] Praeceptor


Computer Science Committee Head

Hey juniors! My name is Aman, and I'll be one of your CS Committee Heads this year! I'm from Jasper HS in Plano, and I like math, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and coding! I'm also the VP of TAMS MAO (Mu Alpha Theta) and one of the Ultimate Frisbee Captains. In terms of coding, I am conducting machine learning research and am in the Gold Division of USACO. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about computer science here at TAMS or in general. Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or a text on Messenger!

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TAS Computer Science Consultant

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