What is High School Tutoring?

HST is a HOPExTAS committee focused on helping local Denton high school students with STEM-related curriculum. TAMS volunteers will each be paired with a student from one of these high schools and will work with them on whatever academic help they need. If you enjoy teaching or want to try out the experience, High School Tutoring is the committee for you


Frequency of Volunteering: 1-2 times a week

Location: Fred Moore High School

Possible Hours: 1.5 Hours per Session, as many as 15 hours per student

Commitment: Semester-Long (Sign-ups at the beginning of the semester)

Meet Your Committee Heads!

Omodolapo HST.jpg


High School Tutoring Committee Head

Hi! My name is Omodolapo Ogunyemi and I’ll be your other committee head for HST alongside with amazing Lavanya. I usually go by Dolapo, but I have a ton of nicknames, so if you can come up with a cool one don’t hesitate to tell me! You can probably catch me reading, dancing, playing basketball or volleyball, and hanging out with my friends! Feel free to reach out to me for anything, whether HST related or not!

My Social Media:

Facebook: Omodolapo Ogunyemi (https://www.facebook.com/dolapo.ogunyemi.9659)

Instagram: @omo_d13


High School Tutoring Committee Head

Hey guys! I’m Lavanya, and I will be one of your High School Tutoring committee heads for 2021-2022 (alongside Ms. Ogunyemi :)). If you ever stop by, there’s a good chance you’ll find me crocheting, talking, or chilling, so don’t hesitate to say hello. I’m also your Naturally Vice President and Brozovic head tutor, so if you have any questions, you can always reach out on messenger. I can’t wait to meet and work with y’all!

My Social Media:

Facebook: Lavanya Vumma (https://www.facebook.com/lavanya.vumma)


TAS Volunteering Coordinator