Welcome to the TAMS Physics Committee!! Belinda and Lillian will be your Physics Committee Heads. We are excited to work with y'all to help you succeed in physics and show you the beauty of physics. We will hold review sessions before exams and offer one-on-one tutoring. If you want to grind physics outside of the classroom, we will hold practice sessions for F=ma and the Princeton University Physics Competition.

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Meet Your Committee Heads!



Physics Committee Head

Hello everyone! My name is Belinda Dong and I’ll be one of your Physics Tutors this year! I’m on the Electrical Engineering pathway and love all things physics, math, and space. Feel free to message me on Facebook anytime, whether it’s for physics or whatever is on your mind!

My Social Media:

Facebook: Belinda Dong


Physics Committee Head

Hallo! I’m Lillian, the physics person. I went to school in Plano and Long Island for a few years. I’m on the CS track, and I’m also a CSO exec :0. I’m an enjoyer of digital art, EDM, math, and online games (like sudoku and minesweeper), so feel free to reach out to talk about any of said things or more >:0

My Social Media:

Facebook: Lillian Wang