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Welcome to the TAMS Physics Committee, headed by Ethan and Matthew! We will do our best to help you succeed in physics and are excited to show you how intriguing this subject can be. We’ll be holding review sessions before exams and offer one-on-one tutoring during weekly office hours. In the drive, we have a complete set of notes for PHYS 1710/2220 and a wealth of other resources to look into!

Our Physics Resources 

PHYS 1710

Access review materials and lecture notes for Mechanics

PHYS 2220

Access review materials and lecture notes for E&M

Past Resources

Access additional review materials and problems

Meet Your Committee Heads!


Matthew Li

Physics Committee Head

What's up guys, I’m Matthew Li (Height 5’ 10”, BW 160, Eyes BRWN, DL Restrictions AG), one of your physics committee heads this year. Many benefits of physics include maximizing profits in the gym, bank account, and of course, the classroom. Feel free to shoot me any questions about the class, competitions, or how to build snowmen on the scale of Qin Shi Huang. Excited to meet and work with all of y'all as we breeze through this absolutely tremendous! subject.

My Social Media: 

Facebook: Matthew Li

Ethan Rebello

Physics Committee Head

Hey guys! Ethan Rebello here. I'll be one of your Physics committee heads this year! I'm on the Computer Engineering pathway, and I love to torture myself by taking advanced physics and math courses. I enjoy discussing politics, sewing, coding, listening to really bad music, and logic puzzles. Feel free to reach out to me on any platform for help.

My Social Media: 

Facebook: Ethan Rebello


Logan Yu

TAS Physics Advisor
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