Welcome to the TAMS Physics Committee!! Abhijay and Neil will be your Physics Committee Heads. We are excited to work with y'all to help you succeed in physics and show you the beauty of physics. We will hold review sessions before exams and offer one-on-one tutoring. If you want to grind physics outside of the classroom, we will hold practice sessions for F=ma and the Princeton University Physics Competition.

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Meet Your Committee Heads!


Physics Committee Head

Hi, I'm Abhijay Achukola, and I'll be your TAS Physics tutor for this year. I went to Coppell High School and I'm on the computer science track. I'm also an exec for quizbowl, AIS, and NACRA (anime club). I'm always open to talking to new people, so feel free to talk to me if you have any questions or if you're just bored.

My Social Media:

Facebook: Abhijay Achukola (https://www.facebook.com/abhijay.achukola.9)


Physics Committee Co-Head

Hey y'all! My name is Neil Agrawal and I'm going to be your Physics and Calc 1/Calc 2 math committee head. I come from Hebron high school where I played tennis and the cello. In my free time I chill with my friends, build robots, and play sports. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about math or physics!

My Social Media:

Email: neilagrawal04@gmail.com 

Facebook: Neil Agrawal (https://www.facebook.com/neil.agrawal.9216)