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Hey everyone! Shaur and Kevin are going to be your 2019-2020 physics committee heads! We will be helping the seniors out with their physics classes by providing review sessions before tests and giving one-on-one tutoring sessions. In addition, if you are a senior or junior looking to flexx your physics skills, we will also organize study events and help out with physics competitions, such as F=ma and Princeton University Physics Competition!

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Meet Your Committee Heads!


Physics Committee Head

Hey all! My name is Kevin and I'm super excited to be your physics committee head this year! I really love physics, and I have competed in many physics competitions such as F=ma and PUPC, and I hope to help you guys on these too! I also do research in an experimental physics lab on graphene with Dr. Jose Perez. I like to go to the gym (hmu if you wanna lift with me) and dance :)!

My Social Media:

Instagram: @kevin.yao.thephysicist


Physics Committee Head

Hi guys, my name is Shaur(ya) Kumar, exec for Eureka! and a Physics Committee Head for TAS. I love to work with my hands, engineer, and build things, and have gone for competitions like NASA ISSDC and FRC since freshman year to expand my knowledge on physics and engineering alike. Besides this, I love to play video games and read comics, and you'll often see me with Smash in my room or setup in Smitty

My Social Media:

Instagram: @shaur_k