Meet the Execs

Meet your 2021-2022 TAMS Academic Society Executive Board, a team of passionate individuals dedicated towards bringing this organization to new heights! Scroll down to learn more about each individual!



Heyyy!! My name is Aurelia and I’m so excited to be your 2021-2022 TAMS Academic Society (TAS) President! I’m from Allen and before TAMS, I attended Allen High School. When I am not studying (or rather, cramming), you can probably find me playing tennis, finding new music to listen to, or attempting to cook #masterchef. I also absolutely loveee traveling :)). Some places I’ve been to are Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Italy, London, Hawaii, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. Please hit me up if you ever want to talk about traveling heheh. Aside from that, on a more serious note, as president, I’m in charge of managing our club on a bigger scale. This basically means I make sure that our board is running smoothly by planning board meetings, communicating with admin and with organizations outside of TAS (such as She’s the First), and coordinating events or fundraisers. At TAMS, I’m also a tennis captain, one of your senior mentors, and a TAMS Culinary Society (TCS) exec!! If you ever have any questions or just want to talk/rant about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me :D!! I don’t bite ;))


My Social Media:


Facebook: Aurelia Wang (

Instagram: @aurelia_wang

Snapchat: @yeperdoodles_88 (plspls don’t judge my username TT I was 8 when I made it <33)


Vice President

Hello! My name is Ashley, and I am excited to be your 2021-2022 TAS vice president! Before TAMS, I went to Shepton High School (the counterpart of Jasper): a junior high school in plano. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dog, doing random math puzzles, and going on road trips with my family! I am also really passionate about flute so hmu if you have band/music related concern or convo ;)) This year, as the Vice President, I am in charge of running the committees and making sure that all the internal/external communications are properly addressed. Otherwise at TAMS, I am also a UNT HOSA exec, Shadows CH, Music Everywhere CH, and UNICEF CH! So feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to chill and hangout :)) 💚

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Facebook: Ashley Kim (


mi 2



Hiii! My name is Michelle, and I’m going to be your 2020-2021 TAS Secretary! I’m from Katy and I used to go to Seven Lakes High School. As secretary, I am in charge of the website and the TAS google drive. I am also the Honors and Organic Chemistry committee advisor. In my free time, I doodle in my notebook, play table tennis, read Webtoons/comics, and listen to K-pop (stan BTS). I also like to bake desserts like cookies, macarons, and crème brulee! I’m so excited for this year and I can’t wait to meet you all in person!!  Feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat :))

My Social Media:


Facebook: Michelle Zeng (

Instagram: @huggy3007


Tutoring Coordinator

Hey y’all!! My name’s Jaishri and I’m your 2021-2022 TAS Tutoring Coordinator. Before coming to TAMS, I used to go to North Hills Preparatory in Irving. I manage Denton High School Tutoring and all the tutoring that goes on within TAMS. Aside from TAS, I am also a head of REVIVE and TMS IV. When I’m not studying, you’ll probably find me cooking, hanging with friends, in the rec center, or doing some online shopping. If you ever have questions about anything or just want to talk feel free to reach out to me!!


My social media:

Facebook: Jaishri Ramesh (

Instagram: @jaishri.ramesh

Snapchat: @just.jaishri




HEYYY! I'm Brianna, your 2021-2022 TAS Treasurer!! I lived in California for most of my life and I went to Jasper High School in Plano, TX. When I'm not watching kdramas, you can find me on a run around campus or designing graphics! P.S. I am the LEAST intimidating person at TAMS so don't be shy to reach out with Korean music recommendations or watch a survival show with me <33


My Social Media: 

Facebook: Brianna Chan (

Instagram: @briannachxn

Snapchat: @briannachan3