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Meet the Board.

Meet the 2022-2023 TAMS Academic Society Executive Board, a team of passionate individuals dedicated towards bringing this organization to new heights. Scroll down to learn more about each exec!



Hey everyone! My name is Catherine and I will be your 2022-2023 TAS President. As president, I'm responsible for planning and calling board meetings as well as communicating with outside organizations/other TAMS clubs to ensure that the club functions smoothly on a larger scale. Prior to TAMS, I attended Tompkins High School in Katy, TX (Houston >>> Dallas). At TAMS, I am on the traditional science track and am also an executive of VIBE (dance club) and a committee head for Speech & Debate under Ballot. In my free time, you'll probably either find me at Discovery Park (lab rat), the Physical Education Building (peb rat), or HappyLemon (only in katy tho), but in general, I love to dance, sleep, listen to music (it is a lot of kpop i will not lie), binge animes/cdramas (lightning speed frfr), do puzzles, and bother my roommate. Super excited to meet all of you guys next year, so don't hesitate to reach out!

My Social Media:


Facebook: Catherine Wang (

Instagram: @cth.w7


Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Sophia Jacob, and I am super excited to be your 2022-2023 TAS Vice President! This year, as the Vice President, I am in charge of running the committees and making sure that all the internal communications are properly addressed. Before TAMS, I was in the IB program at Plano East Senior High. I am in the Traditional Science track but was previously on the DO track (lemme know if you have any questions about either!). I will also be your HOPE Global Virtual School Committee Head, TMS Shadows Committee Head, and Ignite Volunteer/Discussion Coordinator. When I’m not at Willis, I love singing, hanging out with my friends, and watching Marvel movies. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to talk :)) 

My Social Media:


Facebook: Sophia Jacob (

Instagram: @sophia.g.jacob

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Hello! My name is Medha Gollapudi and I will be this year's TAS secretary. As secretary, I am in charge of keeping TAS resources and meetings organized. I went to Independence High School in Frisco before TAMS. I am currently in the Materials Science pathway in the Engineering track and I will be the Engineering Committee advisor for this year. Outside of TAS, I am a senior mentor and a committee head for SWENext, Library Committee, and Recycling Committee. I love reading and playing flute in my free time. Reach out to me if you want book recs or if you need help with anything!!

My Social Media:


Facebook: Medha Gollapudi ( 

Instagram: @medhaa_g


Tutoring Coordinator

Hey everyone!! I'm Samuel and I am your 2022-2023 TAS Tutoring Coordinator. Before coming to TAMS, I used to go to Plano East Senior High School in Plano, TX. I manage Denton High School Tutoring and all the tutoring that goes on within TAMS. Outside of TAS, I am also the Director of Outreach for Driving Tomorrow, committee head for Code-Ed, and committee head for GVS. Some of my favorite things to do are playing the cello, programming, and watching anything Marvel. If you ever have questions about anything or just want to talk feel free to reach out to me!!


My social media:

Facebook: Samuel Jacob (

Instagram: @samuel_t_jacob




Hey, I'm Anshuman, your 2022-2023 TAS Treasurer!! I went to Allen High School in Allen, TX, and I have lived there for 12 years. Besides the responsibilities of a treasurer (managing the money), I am also your CS committee head advisor. For TAS I enjoy designing flyers and organizing all of TAS' resources. I'm on the Computer Science Track so just reach out to me if you have any questions. I love to socialize so please don't be shy, and I'm almost always available so hit me up anytime. I love to play sports, play the guitar, hang out with friends, watch anime, cook (That's what I'm doing in the video), and try new things. I can't wait to get to know everyone this year, so feel free to contact me for anything! 

My Social Media: 


Instagram: @anshuman_singhal

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