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Request Forms Page

Welcome to the Request Forms Page! Here you will find all the request forms you may need to progress in your volunteering endeavors!

For Collaborative Committees (High School Tutoring):
We prefer that you use our resources provided to you, however, regardless of which club's resources you decide to use, please notify the TAS Execs and your respective group chats to confirm which club you will be submitting a form under.

Rules with Requests
Purchase Requests: The TAS Committee Purchase Request Form MUST be submitted the Friday (11:59PM) prior to the next Friday Shopping Trip. Because official TAMS purchase requests are due on Mondays at noon, please notify the TAS Treasurer by then if any changes need to be made. (TAS Exec in charge: Joe Joseph)

Room Requests: Visit to find and reserve a room that is vacant and suitable for your activity. You may book rooms as a committee without executive approval under your own name, but if you want to book a room under TAS, you can fill out the Room Request Form (linked below) at least 24 hours prior to your event so that we can book it for you. If the event occurs regularly, be sure to mention this to Logan so that he can schedule it regularly for you. Keep in mind, room bookings are competitive, so it's best to submit requests as early as possible. (TAS Exec in charge: Logan Yu)

Van Request: MUST be submitted by the Monday before your event at 11 PM. If your event is on that Tuesday or Wednesday, submit the form a week before. Message Logan the next day to make sure that your reservation has been confirmed. (TAS Exec in charge: Logan Yu)

If you have any questions or concerns about requests, please message the TAS exec in charge!

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